AppAssure’s Replay Outperforms Traditional Backup Utilities at a Fraction of the Cost


  • Challenge: giving mid-sized companies the protection they needed
  • Solution: Replay’s enterprise class solutions for small and mid size businesses at an excellent price point
  • Results: 50% cost reduction and 33% of the staff resource time

Example Environment Snapshot for a Discovery Consulting Client:

  • Exchange servers: 1
  • Sharepoint: 1
  • Windows file servers: 4
  • GB of protected data: 700
  • Number of Users: 45

AppAssure Replay in Action

As Senior Network Engineer at Discovery Consulting and Computer Services, Ryan Drouet has seen just about everything there is to see as far as backup and disaster recovery scenarios go. Hurricanes. Complete server failures. Few options for smaller companies. “Over the last 15 years or so, the operating systems have become very reliant on the hardware they were built on, and because small or medium-sized businesses can’t cluster, they’re really stuck when it comes to intelligent backups and disaster recovery solutions. Many businesses don’t have what they really need – a heterogeneous recovery solution that lets them recover wherever and whenever. That was, until AppAssure.”

Prior to Replay, Drouet was using name-brand backup utilities like Symantec’s Backup Exec, which continuously had problems. As Drouet explains, one very important client lost their total array and kept getting blue screened during the Backup Exec recovery process. Even Symantec’s support team had trouble resolving the issue. That’s when Drouet realized he needed a more effective backup and disaster recovery solution for his clients.

“In this situation, with the traditional name-brand backup it took 30 hours from start to finish to get the client’s server fully restored. That was costing the client in billable time and in lost productivity. Naturally, the client wasn’t happy, and neither was I. I was on site for 20 straight hours and it was grueling. Finally, we ended up just doing the bare minimum of one backup a night, because nothing else was working right with Symantec.”

Then one of Drouet’s clients – a commercial construction company who just couldn’t afford to have down time or server disruption or loss of data due to the complex nature of their work – asked Discovery Consulting to look into AppAssure’s Replay. The client liked the ability to do more than one backup a day and didn’t have to shut down production to do it. We watched the video and did the demo, and immediately realized we’d found exactly what we were looking for: a modern backup and disaster recovery solution at the right price point for small and mid-size clients.

The Bottom Line: Saving Money

Because time is always money for Discovery and their clients, we make sure to walk through the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) issues when developing backup and disaster recovery plans. Discovery’s Senior Network Engineer, Ryan Drouet explains, “I expect a lot out of my solutions. I think granular recovery and restore anywhere should be basic no-brainers. But being able to have a dev environment that smoothly runs along your production environment seamlessly taking snapshots is great. This saves the clients real money. Period. I make sure clients understand the real costs of deploying Replay measured against the name-brand backup utilities.”

Deployment: “I can quote out Replay at about 1/3 the time for deployment. I just did a quote for 30 hours with traditional backup utilities, and used a full 25 of those hours. Right after that, I did a quote with Replay for a client. 10 hours total.”

Maintenance: “I recently helped with the IT budget for one of my clients and in 2008; they paid more than three times in maintenance compared to what they now pay for Replay.”

Drouet encourages clients to consider Replay as insurance. “You’ve got insurance on your car, house, and health. Replay allows you to insure your data and business continuity with confidence. This is insurance for your operations side and I can ballpark how quickly it will take to get you running again and how much money it will save you if something goes wrong.”

Now, he’s making his customers happy by saving them time and money. “I tell my clients, get AppAssure’s Replay,” says Drouet, “and here’s what I can do for you:

  • Complete recovery from a server failure or total site disaster in just minutes
  • Continuous protection through incremental snapshots throughout the day
  • You can access applications (including e-mail) during a live recovery
  • Reduce your disk space with built-in data de-duplication and compression
  • Allows for recovery or messages, files, databases, storage groups or the entire server from bare-metal in just a few clicks
  • Realistic disaster recovery planning that protects business continuity when your physical environment is at risk. “

Discovery Consulting is the source for AppAssure Replay. It’s the backup solution for most small and mid-sized clients: “This is how a modern backup and disaster recovery solution should work.”

The move to Office 365 for our 29 offices was smooth and efficient, thanks to the team at Discovery Consulting! - Allegiance Staffing